We make companies profitable by resolving their business management issues – how to sustain cash flow; manage resources; implement survival and profitability measurement tools; and, provide an improved structure.

We’ve done this for dozens of clients for more than 15 years. Our clients range from professional firms and corporate finance departments to family businesses and service providers like plumbers and auto shops.

Discover how our services will help your company achieve its potential.

Business Management

Canlink investigates, analyzes, documents, and provides training on the methods and skills you and your people need to exceed at their jobs and create maximum value for your company. Not only do the people become more valuable but the position they hold becomes more effective regardless of who holds the job.

Customize Applications

Canlink optimizes your business and financial systems so you realize the maximum value of your investment. Speed, Efficiency, and Quality of Data will lead to better decisions.

Executive Coaching

Canlink directs, instructs and trains individuals or groups in specific skill sets through seminars, workshops and supervised practice. Our Executive Coaching provides you with an understanding of why something is done. Our Telephone Coaching is available to address any of your unique issues as they come up. You have someone to keep you on track to achieve your stated goals.


Negotiating an agreement or a more favorable contract is often the difference between failure and success.

Embedding with Other Consultancies

Canlink often works with other professional services consultancies on a confidential white label basis to provide specialized expertise.

Our Clients Tell Us:

“Productivity increased measurably, cash flow improved beyond anyone's expectations, and the formerly negative and unproductive environment became pleasant, optimistic and productive.”