Business Management

Every individual and organization has a unique value to offer their clients. But at the core of every business are fundamental practices that don’t change.

We instruct you on the methods and skills you and your people need to exceed at their jobs and provide maximum value to your company. Not only do your people become more valuable but when authority, responsibility, and accountability are set down, the position becomes more effective regardless of who holds the job.

Some of the skills that Canlink transfers to your organization:

  • How To Manage your Business Resources – Money, People and Durables
  • Knowing When to Manage & When to Lead
  • An understanding of Financial Principles and terminology
  • Business Survival techniques using Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Developing Credit Policy and positive Collection practices
  • Business Performance Projection, Monitoring and Adjusting
  • Profit Engineering Concepts – Breakeven; Overhead; Pricing; and more.
  • Running Constructive Meetings
  • Obtaining useful Situational Reports
  • Introductory and Advanced QuickBooks and Simply Accounting skills
  • Managing your Inventory
  • Importance of proper Job Costing and Project Management
  • Benefit of correct Quality Assurance Initiatives
  • Delegate through Job Profiles and Duties Lists
  • Motivate employees through a Performance Review
  • Minimize the need for Owners or Managers to do the work
  • Succession Planning and Career Development Planning
  • Diversity and Process Cross Training
Our Clients Tell Us:

“Sales were low, and had been for some time, and we were losing money for longer than I care to think about. While our initial concern was sales, what we got was far more comprehensive than that.”